Effective Commercial gardens for Businesses

February 9, 2022

Each company is unique. Some are keen to make a statement whilst some are more private in nature, some are looking to conserve resources and costs whilst others spare little expense when it comes to projecting their brand and to exude luxury to high class clients. A landscape can really set the frame for your business and get your workers and clients in the right mindset before they step through the front door.

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When designing a professional commercial garden, we look at some key points that are foundational to create an effective area. These are:

How do we want to guide the flow of traffic for the business?

Most businesses want clear paths and routes to highlighted entrance points. A smart design looks to use trees and shrubs or hard features such as walls and stones to guide you effortlessly and efficiently toward a highlighted destination.

What statement are you trying to make?

Imagine you’re a hotel owner. You wouldn’t want the entrance to your hotel to be an unimpressive door that doesn’t catch an eye or is hard to find. No, you want an impressive statement making feature such as a fountain or a beautifully highlighted entrance that screams 5-star quality. A good landscape design will always bring wanted attention to your business and will leave passers-by wondering what your building is all about.

Branding and personalisation

What message does your business want to put across? Do you want to be known for your excitement? Why not incorporate features like dancing water fountains and colourful plants and striking trees. Do you want to be a place of peace and tranquillity? Why not create calming spaces to help achieve a sense of zen. Do you want to be a bit different and out there? Why not incorporate funky shapes and cool topiary. Modern and contemporary or classical and timeless? A landscape offers many opportunities to personalize and show off your business.


What level of engagement do you want from people? A Landscape can hurry people through an area or slow them down. If you want people to linger around a place for a while creating inviting open spaces with benches, open lawns, fountains of running water and interactable features are guaranteed to hold them there for a while. This is an ideal situation for retail and hospitality companies as it will significantly boost their revenue. Or if you’re looking to hurry them along, it’s best to create direct paths with clear destinations or create diversions and steer them away from an area completely.

Highlight the architecture

Whether it be to hide unsightly views and sightlines or to highlight and accentuate a building or feature in the landscape a good landscape design goes a long way. although a building on its own can be a work of art and an architectural achievement. Its immediate environment is the frame that the canvas sits in. often extensive time and resources are spent to design a building and the landscape it sits in should also have the same consideration. It is worth mentioning that plants, trees and landscaping don’t only belong outside of a building, but they can create vibrant interiors and transform a hard sterile room into a place of wonder and life.

Sustainability and conservation

There are many ways in which a landscape can be useful in driving drown costs of a site and increase ecology. These range from creating living roofs which can help save on heating costs, rain gardens which help soak up excess water from the ground helping to prevent flooding, wind barriers and help with any environmental damages such as pollution.

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