The Comeback of Flower Meadows and Open Spaces!

March 12, 2020

Flower meadows… when you think about it how many wildflower meadows have you seen? Not many I bet and that’s not surprising as since the 1930’s over 97% of wildflower meadows have been lost!


Fortunately, over the past decade there has been a renewed interest in wildflower meadows which has grown alongside concerns for biodiversity and sustainability. The even better news is there are benefits for all parties involved with implementing wildflower meadows!

But how do wildflower meadows relate to home builders and property developers?

Today’s world demands environmentally aware developments, but also requires low maintenance landscaping! A wildflower meadow not only helps you earn that all important BREEAM accreditation but is also an easy landscaping solution that can help bring a better return on investment for developers and owners alike!

The BREEAM accreditation is just one aspect that flower meadows help towards, their low maintenance cost also is very appealing! Depending on the specific species and mix chosen, you may only need to prune the meadow two or three times a year which is a massive saving!

Introducing a wildflower meadow often seems daunting and costly, however using a professional organisation such as Graduate Landscapes to implement these stunning spaces it becomes a whole lot easier!


Wildflower meadows support the dwindling number of insects and animals, a meadow could contain up to 40 species per square metre! Additionally, wildflowers are used as a source of food and nesting materials for birds, due to the often-thriving number of insects that develop in the mini jungle like space!

These meadows are more than biodiversity hotspots though! Although they support pollinating insects that are valuable for many food crops, they help reduce flooding by holding onto rainwater and they also capture a vast amount of carbon!

The local community

The wider community also benefits from this beautiful space! It creates a stunning space to walk your dogs, take your children, surrounded by the buzz of millions of insects and in a swarm of bright and beautiful colours!