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Each company is unique. Some are keen to make a statement whilst some are more private in nature, some are looking to conserve resources and costs whilst others spare little expense when it comes to projecting their brand and to exude luxury to high class clients. A landscape can really set the frame for your business and get your workers and clients in the right mindset before they step through the front door.

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When designing a professional commercial garden, we look at some key points that are foundational to create an effective area. These are:

How do we want to guide the flow of traffic for the business?

Most businesses want clear paths and routes to highlighted entrance points. A smart design looks to use trees and shrubs or hard features such as walls and stones to guide you effortlessly and efficiently toward a highlighted destination.

What statement are you trying to make?

Imagine you’re a hotel owner. You wouldn’t want the entrance to your hotel to be an unimpressive door that doesn’t catch an eye or is hard to find. No, you want an impressive statement making feature such as a fountain or a beautifully highlighted entrance that screams 5-star quality. A good landscape design will always bring wanted attention to your business and will leave passers-by wondering what your building is all about.

Branding and personalisation

What message does your business want to put across? Do you want to be known for your excitement? Why not incorporate features like dancing water fountains and colourful plants and striking trees. Do you want to be a place of peace and tranquillity? Why not create calming spaces to help achieve a sense of zen. Do you want to be a bit different and out there? Why not incorporate funky shapes and cool topiary. Modern and contemporary or classical and timeless? A landscape offers many opportunities to personalize and show off your business.


What level of engagement do you want from people? A Landscape can hurry people through an area or slow them down. If you want people to linger around a place for a while creating inviting open spaces with benches, open lawns, fountains of running water and interactable features are guaranteed to hold them there for a while. This is an ideal situation for retail and hospitality companies as it will significantly boost their revenue. Or if you’re looking to hurry them along, it’s best to create direct paths with clear destinations or create diversions and steer them away from an area completely.

Highlight the architecture

Whether it be to hide unsightly views and sightlines or to highlight and accentuate a building or feature in the landscape a good landscape design goes a long way. although a building on its own can be a work of art and an architectural achievement. Its immediate environment is the frame that the canvas sits in. often extensive time and resources are spent to design a building and the landscape it sits in should also have the same consideration. It is worth mentioning that plants, trees and landscaping don’t only belong outside of a building, but they can create vibrant interiors and transform a hard sterile room into a place of wonder and life.

Sustainability and conservation

There are many ways in which a landscape can be useful in driving drown costs of a site and increase ecology. These range from creating living roofs which can help save on heating costs, rain gardens which help soak up excess water from the ground helping to prevent flooding, wind barriers and help with any environmental damages such as pollution.

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landscape-design-ISO14001 ev van

As part of #ISO14001 for environment and our drive to constantly improve, we are delighted to announce we are introducing our first #electricvehicle into our fleet.

We believe in protecting our environment for future generations, that means doing our bit to reduce our emissions as much as possible. We look forward to expanding our EV fleet over the coming years!

What is ISO14001 and why do we invest time and effort in to achieving this specific ISO standard for the environment?

ISO standards are some of the most stringent and widely acclaimed organizational process standards in the world. They are rigorous and with that rigor comes the confidence that you are making real improvements in the way you conduct your business.

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ISO14001 is the internationally agreed standard that lays out the requirements for an environmental management system. It creates a stringent and coherent framework for companies and organizations to improve their environmental performance, by being more efficient in their use of resources and reduction of waste. Its scope includes air pollution, water and sewage issues, waste management, soil contamination, climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Graduate Landscapes feel a close affinity with the ISO14001 certification. As Landscape architects an accreditation that values attention to detail, high quality and most importantly a strong focus on ensuring we reduce the impact of our work on the environment, is a natural fit. After all, our work is about creating beautiful designs from and for nature.

Our new Mercedes eSprinter all-electric is the corner stone of our journey to vehicle fleet electrification and forms an integral part of our ongoing ISO14001 certification. The eSprinter is a class leading fully electric panel van capable of 90 miles WLTP and rapid fast charging. The eSprinter offers all the practicality and durability our landscape team need in their daily activities, as well as the peace of mind they gain from its non polluting powertrain.

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Graduate Landscapes hold a wide range of ISO accreditations. We value having independent input into our processes and want to provide the highest level of service and compliance to our clients and their projects.

ISO management systems help us evaluate and assess business processes to ensure we are adhering to the highest standards and criteria laid out by the governing bodies. These processes are continually monitored and improved providing peace of mind and assurance that every part of your project will be undertaken safely and in harmony with the surrounding environment to the highest standard.

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ISO14001 sets out requirements for organisations to improve their environmental performance and processes through an environmental management system. This ISO helps organisations identify, manage and monitor any environmental issues which may occur when undertaking work for their clients. Focussing on reducing waste and making efficient use of resources, ISO14001 gives assurance processes are environmentally friendly whilst meeting all the required criteria for compliance.

ISO 9000 is the world’s most renowned quality management standard with ISO9001 helping organisations to monitor, manage and continually improve. With a strong focus on the customer and their needs, it strives to exceed customer expectations creating more value for the customer. If your chosen contractor has ISO9001, you can rest assured all aspects of quality management have been thoroughly assessed and met throughout your project.

Finally, ensuring a contractor is meeting health and safety requirements is paramount, especially for any landscaping project. Gold standard ISO45001 reduces health and safety risks creating safer, improved working conditions for employees.

Graduates Landscapes hold all three accreditations: ISO 14001, ISO 9000, and ISO 45001.


“During these times the beneficial effects of gardens and green spaces have never been more apparent…this link between gardens and our health has never been more relevant – especially as we endure the challenges of the confined circumstances in which we currently find ourselves.” Prince Charles, Patron of the National Garden Scheme recorded in a recent video message, highlighting the importance of gardens and outdoor spaces during lockdown.


Covid-19 has brought a lot of disruption and change to our daily lives, but being able to appreciate our lush green outside spaces in our gardens from the very start of lockdown has helped maintain our focus allowing us time out to appreciate the true beauty of nature. Spending time outdoors improves your immune system, reduces stress, depression and anxiety and provides that all important green space to escape everyday life stresses. This has never been more pivotal than during these times of Covid-19.

As we spend ever more hours at home and in our gardens, there are many ways a garden redesign can help create and enhance functional space whilst providing a stunning backdrop to enjoy. For a lot of us, the way we work has changed as offices close their doors, and remote working becomes the new norm. Our homes have transitioned in to becoming a multi functional living and working environment. A garden room or outside office allows you to separate work from home, providing a beautiful view to rest your eyes from the glare of the screen. GL garden designers have some stunning examples of home offices they have created, to give you an idea of what can be achieved.


Maybe you have always wanted somewhere to exercise from home, adding an outdoor gym or even an organic natural swimming pool to a zone in the garden, allow you to exercise safely at home, appreciating the flora and fauna whilst you exercise. These features can all be designed to blend in to your garden and house architecture. Natural green walls or living walls for gyms and outbuildings look stunning and aesthetically pleasing producing a natural organic build matching the surrounding garden design.

All gardens benefit from a little revamp and freshen up from time to time, and as we spend more time at home enjoying our gardens, now could be the perfect opportunity to seek expert help. Garden designers like our team at GL are professionals in design and layout with a wealth of knowledge in planting, creating magnificent garden designs and builds so you can enjoy your outside space to the optimum.


wildlife garden plants

Flower meadows… when you think about it how many wildflower meadows have you seen? Not many I bet and that’s not surprising as since the 1930’s over 97% of wildflower meadows have been lost!


Fortunately, over the past decade there has been a renewed interest in wildflower meadows which has grown alongside concerns for biodiversity and sustainability. The even better news is there are benefits for all parties involved with implementing wildflower meadows!

But how do wildflower meadows relate to home builders and property developers?

Today’s world demands environmentally aware developments, but also requires low maintenance landscaping! A wildflower meadow not only helps you earn that all important BREEAM accreditation but is also an easy landscaping solution that can help bring a better return on investment for developers and owners alike!

The BREEAM accreditation is just one aspect that flower meadows help towards, their low maintenance cost also is very appealing! Depending on the specific species and mix chosen, you may only need to prune the meadow two or three times a year which is a massive saving!

Introducing a wildflower meadow often seems daunting and costly, however using a professional organisation such as Graduate Landscapes to implement these stunning spaces it becomes a whole lot easier!


Wildflower meadows support the dwindling number of insects and animals, a meadow could contain up to 40 species per square metre! Additionally, wildflowers are used as a source of food and nesting materials for birds, due to the often-thriving number of insects that develop in the mini jungle like space!

These meadows are more than biodiversity hotspots though! Although they support pollinating insects that are valuable for many food crops, they help reduce flooding by holding onto rainwater and they also capture a vast amount of carbon!

The local community

The wider community also benefits from this beautiful space! It creates a stunning space to walk your dogs, take your children, surrounded by the buzz of millions of insects and in a swarm of bright and beautiful colours!


The UK became the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050, and many big companies have followed suit and announced plans to become carbon neutral before 2030!


Becoming carbon neutral is moving to the forefront of many property developers and home builders’ minds as well and is it any wonder? Climate change is accelerating at an astonishing rate and the steps we can take in the construction industry to become carbon neutral are simple… Designing and constructing sustainable landscapes!

British Gardens cover a huge 6 million hectares of land, so it makes sense to utilise these spaces to create a carbon neutral Britain!

Sustainability is simple… Promise!

As soon as ‘sustainability’ is mentioned people often turn white with fear of restrictions, but the reality is there is boundless solutions which we can utilise to create some of the most brilliant spaces while maintaining the sustainability of the project!

The first step is often picking a responsible landscaping contractor like Graduate Landscapes, we recycle ALL the waste we produce, and work within strict guidelines on every site we attend! Waste soil is recycled through a reputable company, plastic pots are recycled, wooden pallets are recycled, we try not to waste a thing!

Landscaping and sustainability go hand in hand, the spaces we produce absorb greenhouse gases, air pollution and dust. But it’s not just sustainability… part of our job is creating stunning outdoor space with biodiversity in mind with a rich cultural mix that allows your projects to be expressive and stylish!

The Government is on our side too!

The good news is the Government sees landscaping sustainable spaces is a big part of the fight against the climate crisis and has promised to inject £50 million into the ‘Woodland Carbon Guarantee’ which it hopes will motivate farmers, and landowners to plant more tress and in return receive repayments as these trees grow!

Think outside the box… or on top!

We hear it so often… ‘’This is an apartment block in a built-up area, we don’t have the space for green areas!’’ But the solution is simple… with towns and cities becoming more and more crowded, some developers have turned to utilising the roof space to create communal spaces for the future residents! Check out our Battersea Podium to see what we can do >>>

The other option is the installation of Green, Brown and Sedum Roofs these are blankets of grasses, and wildflowers that can increase water retention, biodiversity and also creates visual interest!

So that’s it… our 2 pence on sustainability in landscaping… it’s that simple, be mindful, and use a reputable company!